2005 Salmon Farms and Constitutional Rights – development of a legal opinion on options for challenging Fish Farm permits

2005 Mining Analysis – support for Mining Watch Canada investor analysis and strategy regarding Fortune Minerals proposed coal development in the headwaters of the Stikine watershed

2006 Stikine Environmental Assessment – provision of technical capacity by Centre of Science in Public Participation to Iskut Band Council for Environmental Assessment review processes for mining projects in Lower Stikine and Stikine headwaters area

2006 Iskut Legal Opinion – support for Buri/Overstall to advise Iskut First Nation re legal options for conservation in their traditional territories

2006 Ipsos Reid Poll re Enbridge oil pipeline/tankers – support for polling by Dogwood Initiative

2006 Coal Bed Methane Public Opinion Poll – commissioning of a Synovate Independent Research Poll re public opinion re coal bed methane in the Bulkley Valley

2006 - 2007 Upper Skeena Traditional Uses - support Gwininitxw Economic Development Society in the identification of key ecological and cultural features of the Upper Nass and Skeena watersheds and in the development of a conservation vision for the upper Skeena and Nass headwaters area sustaining fish populations and their habitats

2007 Nanika Fisheries –support third party review of scientific basis for planning commercial fisheries openings at mouth of Skeena, and the implications for Wet’suwet’en food fishery

2007 BV Outdoor Recreation Society -support documentation and monitoring of increased motorized recreation in the Bulkley Valley

2008-2009 Skeena Salmon Management - development of a legal opinion of current Skeena salmon management practices with respect to the Canadian Crown's obligation to support a sustainable First Nations food fishery

2008-2009 Skeena Headwaters Salmon Research - increased knowledge of salmon abundance, diversity and aquatic habitat characteristics of the Skeena headwaters ecosystem

2009 Suskwa Research - funded 500 helicopter-based photos of the Morice River, selected tributaries and salmon habitat along the path of the proposed Enbridge Pipeline through Wet'suwet'en territory

2010 Skeena Eulachon Incubation Habitat Study - a study to gather information on habitat quality and life-cycle success

2010 Crown-Settlement Interface Lands Planning Conference & Workshop - planning in the Bulkley Valley from a resident-led perspective

2010 Ministry of Health Judicial Review - support for a request for a Special Revie w of Roundup-type pesticides which resulted in the Federal Court of Canada ordering Health Canada to take a second look at the impacts on amphibians of Glyphosate-based pesticides

2011-2012 Surviving Todagin - a study by photographer Paul Colangelo to identify Todagin Mountain's Stone sheep population and summer range using GPS-tagged video and still imaging

2011-2012 Skeena Estuary Salmon Ecology Study - a study to determine the travel time of oil and condensate and the potential for contamination to reach the Skeena estuary in the case of a rupture in the Northern Gateway pipeline

2011-2012 - Bulkley Valley Seniors Cohousing - a study to determine the feasibility of a grassroots, low environmental impact, eco-sensitive-design housing complex