1990 Reclaiming our Forests Conference - established local public control of land use value decisions; event catalyzed formation of Bulkley Valley Community Resources Board in 1991

1991 Watershed Watch Workshop – development of citizen engagement tools for ensuring improved forest management

1997 - 98 Northwest activist support – support for northern activists to participate in the BC Environmental Network, acid mine drainage, Cassiar Watch, pesticide appeals, green building and Taku protection activities

1996 Dease Lake Forests and Community Stability Conference

1998 Telkwa Coal Forum

1997 Telkwa Caribou Herd Recovery Project awareness

2000 Effective Citizens Workshops - community engagement training

2002 - 07 Pesticide control act appeals – support for successful legal challenges

2005 Northern First Nations Solidarity Summit - Terrace,BC – building shared vision around conservation of the Stikine headwaters

2008-2010 Skeena Headwaters Coalbed Methane - increased engagement and alignment of Skeena residents and leaders regarding current approach to coalbed methane development in Skeena headwaters

2008 Connecting the Drops - strengthened in-region assertion of rights to full analyses of impacts of resource development in the upper Skeena region

2008-2010 Princess Neighbourhood Garden - growing local food as an economic and social alternative

2008 Pesticides and Cancer Publicity - support of press releases regarding need for MSMA related research

2009-2011 Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition - supported the following projects:

  • School Curriculum - develop a sense of responsibility for the integrity of the Skeena watershed
  • Skeena River Swim - Ali Howard's 610 km swim and film tour to raise awareness of the implications of Coalbed Methane development in the Upper Skeena
  • Youth on Water - white-water guide training program to educate local youth regarding their local river ecosystems
  • Sacred Headwaters Strengthening the Circle Campaign (2010-) - advance a working committee of First Nations, NGOs and community members to collaborate on the implementation of a 'conservation solution' for the Sacred Headwaters

2009-2010 Skeena Salmon Habitat Conference - co-hosted a conference and subsequent workshop with a focus on recommendations from the Pacific Salmon Foundation

2009-2011 Fish Nation - a partnership with Storyteller's Foundation designed to strengthen a regional understanding and connection with a collective sense of a wild salmon culture

2009-2010 Renewal Northwest - supported two regional two-day workshops to improve the prospects for sustainable development in Northwest British Columbia

2009-2012 Wet'suwet'en Treaty Office - supported the following projects:

  • Wet'suwet'en Solutions - Community Engagement: a response to proposed gas and oil pipeline developments affecting First Nations territories
  • Environmental Assessment Coordination Team - capacity to establish relations and meaningful communication with pipeline companies proposing activities on Wet'suwet'en territories
  • Wet'suwet'en Title Assertion Initiative - legal support and communication with Wet'suwet'en and the broader community about the Canfor/Ministry of Forests court hearing
  • Wet'suwet'en Community and Decision Making - to provide coordinated communications to all Clans and responsible Hereditary title holders so as to increase the capacity of the Nation to directly participate in resource management and planning initiatives

2010-2011 Groundbreakers Collective Co-op Develpment Project - support for developing a northern rural agriculture co-op

2010 Conservation Leaders Awareness Workshop (CLAW) - increase the skills and effectiveness of emerging conservation leaders in NW British Columbia

2010-2012 Friends of Morice-Bulkley - initiate the Wild Salmon Ecosytem Awareness Project in the Bulkley and greater Skeena watersheds

2010-2012 Plan B - increase the Tahltan's ability to respond to the resource extraction proposals being planned for their territory, in particular, the open-pit copper mine (Red Chris) proposed for Todagin Mountain

2012 Northwest BC Paddling Guide - support for Tania Millen's guidebook for the best whitewater paddling in northwest British Columbia

2012 Bulkley Valley Airshed Management Society - support for the society to upgrade its website to make it more accessible to the public