1990 Tribute to the Babines - Smithers, BC - a multi-media and live performance celebration of the Babine Mountains to build support for the creation of a new Babine Mountains Provincial Park

1991 A Height of Land - Smithers, BC - a one act play by Sheila Peters to reflect on, clarify, express opinion about forest management

1998 the kozak collection – a catalogue of images of conservation photographer Myron Kozak

1998 Canyon Creek: a script – the launch of Creekstone Press publication telling the disturbing story of the eviction of a Wet’suwet’en family from its homesite near Smithers

2001 Valentino’s Cabaret and other fundraising activities to support improvements to the Driftwood School community arts and recreation centre

2007 The Weather from the West – the launch of a collaboration by poet, Sheila Peters and the painter, Perry Rath exploring the ‘absence, presence and renewal in the landscape, the heart and the mind’

2008 "River In Three Themes" - a slideshow and musical composition highlighting the uniqueness of NW British Columbia rivers; images by Myron Kozak, composition by Diane Berry, soundtrack by Two Flutes & A Violin

2009 Sacred Headwaters Journey - supported Paul Colangelo's photo documentation of Upper Skeena landscapes, wildlife, conservation swim, hunting blockades, traditional net and sport fishing

2010-2011 Rural Writers Retreat - a 3-day retreat for writers from Prince George to Terrace who often work in isolation. The retreat offered capacity building workshops, professional development and private project development opportunities

2010 Festival of Nations - Smithers Bridging Committee multi-cultural event

2011-2012 Alberta Tarzans-The Musical - develop and perform a one-act musical comedy to raise awareness of the impacts of the proposed Engridge pipeline to the Bulkley and greater Skeena watershed

2011-2012 Pine Cycle - a collaborative poetry and choral music piece celebrating the life cycle of pine trees

2011 Salmon Symphony - unitiing musicians, visual artists, writers and residents celebrating salmon abundance in the Bulkley and greater Skeena watersheds through original compositions and community events

2011 Expanding Circles: The Topography of Belonging - an arts-based community development project bringing Bulkley Valley residents together through dance labs and workshops, to explore our relationship with the inspiring landscape

2012 - The Fine Art of Nature - an art and science installation connecting children and youth with nature in the Bulkley Valley

2012 - The Love Project - movement/sound/visual workshops focused on connecting with ourselves, each other and the environment

2012 - 4000 Reasons Festival - On June 1 & 2, 2012, some of the Northwest’s finest musicians, artists, writers, actors and dancers came together to celebrate the beauty and wildness of the land along the route of the proposed Enbridge pipeline and to honour the 4000 people who spoke in defence of it before the Joint Review Panel. Click here to see the video.